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Hamilton Mayoral Candidate Bob Bratina

Headshot of Bob Bratina

Mayoral Candidate Bob Bratina presents their position on transportation in Hamilton Ontario.

BACCC asked all municipal candidates for their views on environmentally-friendly transportation options, presenting them with these three questions. Views expressed are solely those of the candidates and do not reflect the views of BACCC or its members. All responses have been reviewed to ensure appropriateness and relevance to the questions posed. We encourage you to make an informed decision by researching your local candidates.

Headshot of Mayoral  candidate Bob Bratina

Hamilton Mayoral Candidate Bob Bratina

From the recommendations in BACCC’s Options for Travel report, which would be your top priority to enact to ensure safe, reliable, convenient and equitable transportation options?

Complete audits of all city bus stops to determine safety improvements for transit riders, particularly women. Track the number of improvements flagged and completed over time.

If environmentally friendly transportation options are not convenient, residents will be less likely to choose those options over driving.
What steps would you take to ensure environmentally friendly transportation options are convenient?

Actively promoting our transit options, including alternate modes of transit, will be crucial to increased ridership, and increased ridership will allow for greater scheduling capabilities.

Environmentally friendly transportation needs to be perceived as safe in order to be viewed as a viable option.
What steps would you take to ensure all users feel safe when using all transportation methods?

Crucial to my review of HSR will be a consideration of both rider and operator safety and comfortability. Assessing lighting and accessibility along bus routes and cycling paths will be included in this review.