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2023: Your City, Taking Climate Action

Lowering GHG emissions will require changes to new and existing buildings, transportation networks, and local industry across the Hamilton Burlington “Bay Area”. Advancing local climate policy will also make a positive difference.

On April 13 at 7:00pm, BACCC hosted “Your City, Taking Climate Action” where we heard from Lynda Lukasik and Trevor Imhoff from the City of Hamilton, and Lynn Robichaud and Fleur Storace-Hogan from the City of Burlington, about the latest climate initiatives our cities have charted on our path toward a low-carbon future for the Bay Area.

2022: Ask Me Anything About Climate Action

On March 9th at 7:00pm, BACCC hosted “Ask Me Anything About Climate Action” on Facebook Live. During this one-hour, free virtual event, residents asked questions directly to representatives from the Cities of Hamilton and Burlington about how our municipalities are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2021: Around the Kitchen Table

The Hamilton-Burlington Bay Area can be a thriving, net zero carbon community by 2050. This requires an all-hands-on-deck approach to transforming how we live, how we move, how we build and renovate, and how we power industry. It matters how we communicate the changes necessary to lower our greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why, on March 9th, 2021, more than 600 people from across Hamilton and Burlington registered for “Around the Kitchen Table” to learn how to have better climate conversations. Keynote Katharine Hayhoe and our panel of experts shared their expertise on how we can build bridges with others to support climate action across our region.

BACCC Event Protocol

Invitations to speak at BACCC events will be sent to elected officials on account of their role, not their party, politics, or views. 

Invitations to speak at events are one form of engagement with elected officials in decision-making roles.  BACCC will seek participation from government decision makers as part of its advocacy efforts with the government of the day. These invitations are part of an ongoing conversation with decision makers so that our priorities and recommendations can be expressed and received. It is part of our mission to ensure our collective voice is heard at all levels of government.

As a non-partisan organization, BACCC will not signal partisan leanings by who it invites or does not invite to its events. 

As a non-partisan organization, BACCC will not signal partisan leanings by a public endorsement of any political party or elected official. 

Within THREE (3) months of a scheduled election, BACCC will not invite any political candidates seeking election to formally speak at BACCC events.

BACCC events will be organized in a way that promotes an ongoing conversation with decision makers, with a view to ensuring ongoing engagement with BACCC, so that our priorities and recommendations can be expressed and received. 

BACCC events will be organized in a way that allows attendees to submit questions for an allocated question and answer (Q&A) period. All elected officials will be invited to join the moderated Q&A period, as part of their invitation to offer live remarks at BACCC events. Elected officials who are unable to attend the moderated Q&A will be asked to submit video remarks in advance to BACCC staff, instead of providing live remarks at the event. Any video remarks will be limited to a greeting and welcome message. Video remarks involving track records (past or future climate initiatives) are considered remarks beyond a greeting or welcome message, and will not be accepted.