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Better Is Possible.

Cycling, walking, and taking public transit should be safe, reliable, and convenient for residents of Hamilton and Burlington.

If there are significant barriers to walking, cycling, or taking public transit, we can’t reasonably expect residents to choose those forms of transportation.

Our newest report provides a roadmap to make sure residents of Hamilton and Burlington get a real choice for how they get around.

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There are barriers preventing Hamilton and Burlington residents from choosing environmentally friendly transportation options.

BACCC’s newest report recommends measures such as:

  • Expanding bike share operations, both further across Hamilton and into Burlington
  • Ensuring every road – existing and new – has a sidewalk for pedestrians to move safely 
  • Reviewing arrival schedules for public transit buses for better alignment with GO train services
  • Filling gaps in cycling infrastructure to improve connectivity and upgrade protection to ensure safety for residents
  • Reviewing and improving bus service to business parks with consideration of express routes

Nearly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the Hamilton-Burlington Bay Area comes from transportation.

If residents decide to take low carbon forms of transportation, even just some of the time, we’ll see our greenhouse gas emissions go down.

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